Thursday, January 31, 2008

Princess Meredith

In case you didn't know I live with a princess - On a daily basis Meredith wears at least 3 different princess dresses.  She changes clothes several times and just like any princess when the dress changes so must the shoes.  It's so very cute.  The problem is when she wants to wear these outfits to church.  I told her we could not wear our princess outfit to church and she replied, "but mommy I pretty"  I old her she was but the dress did not make her pretty -she was always pretty.  Oh life with a princess is never dull.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Big Girl Panties

Today the girls wore big girl panties to school all day!! Yeah! I am so proud of them.  I hope that  our days of buying diapers are OVER!  It is a little sad because it means the girls are growing up.  How I miss those little babies but they are load of fun!  Right now Meredith is fixing me a meal in her "kitchen" and Mikayla is measuring me so she can sew something.  What imaginations they have. Here is a picture from last week - the girls first sleepover! 

Monday, January 28, 2008

First Day in Blog World

Well-I figured I should join the blog world since I enjoy reading everyone else's blogs. Seeing how I live with two 2yrd olds - I though t I might have some good stories to share.  We shall see if I can keep up with this or not - thought it would be a good journal to have one day. So the big events of the day have been potty training!!!! Both girls have peed in the potty all day and Mikayla has even pooped twice!! I think she was more excited about getting the reward(gum) than anything - tomorrow they go to preschool so we shall see how that goes.