Sunday, January 10, 2010

July - Big Changes

July brought about big changes for the Morgan family. We moved! Jarred accepted a job a Student Pastor at Wallace Memorial Baptist Church in Knoxville. So even though the move was not a far away move it still brought about big change in our lives. We spent the summer making new friends and still enjoying time with our old friends.

Here is a pic of the girls playing dolls on the steps in the old house - before we moved.

What is summer if you can't do a little swimming. Thsi year Mikayla learned to swim without her water wings. She was so proud. Meredith could have done it too but was a little hestitant since she could not touch the bottom - Maybe next year she will be tall enough!!

May Part 2 =Birthday

It's hard to believe the girls are 4 - they are so big now. They are both really turning into little ladies. To celebrate on their big day we took them to their favorite restaurant - "Cracker Berry" and every time we eat there they order the same thing - pancakes!!!

the girls bought each other night gowns for their gift to each other. Meredith has monkeys on it and Mikayla's has pandas on it. They also sleep with these animals so now they have nightgowns to match!!

Mikayla and Meredith wishing each other a Happy Birthday!!

June 2009 - Tea Party

In June all the granddaughters went to Flopsy and Papa Jim's house, Flopsy hosted a Tea Party for the four girls. The girls got all dressed up in pretty dresses, hats, and gloves. Flopsy served them sandwiches and tea. They loved it!!!! I think we will make it a tradition!!


May Part 3 -Cabin Trip

Every year we take a trip to the mountains with the whole family. The girls look forward to it every year. We rent a cabin-swim-picnic-play games and just relax. And of course if Nana is involved them there is a family picture. It is really neat to look back at the pics from each year to see how everyone has changed.

Jarred - Jen - Meredith and Mikayla - age 4