Thursday, November 19, 2009


May is a pretty big month for the Morgan's. This year was no exception. May brought about the end of a school year for the girls. They finished the 3yr old class at Mt. Lebanon Preschool. Here they are with their friend McKenzie.

May was also the time for the girls first ballet recital. It was a lot of fun. Danielle came over to do their hair and make up. The girls and I before they went on stage. I remember my first dance recital. It was lots of fun being on the stage. The girls did not disappoint. They both did a great job. I was so proud of them.

The thought they were really grown up when they got flowers after the show.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


At some point in April we went ahead at took the girls 4yr old pictures. We combined it with Cason's 2yr. old pic. We took these pictures at Cannonsburg in Murfreesboro. They look so grown up. Hard to believe.

Sweet Meredith
Sweet Mikayla


Meredith and Mikayla



Over spring break my friend Angela and I took a road trip. Just us and 4 little girls. We did lots and lots of shopping. Here a few pictures of the trip.

This picture is not from the trip - but it was so cute I had to include it!! We also celebrated our friend Marlee's 4th birthday- here are M and M with Marlee
I know we also went to Cason's 2nd birthday party - but can't seem to find any pictures of that!!

Found February

So one thing we did in February was celebrate our friend Maleigha's birthday. Here are some pics from the princess party





Who knows what we might have done in February - I'm sure we had fun whatever it was. Here is a pic that I know is from that month!!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Catch Up

So I'm going to play catch up over the next few weeks. I will start in January and try to post something that happened each month of the year for 2009. Maybe in 2010 I can stay up to date all year!!

January 2009

It snowed! We enjoyed playing in the yard and sledding at the golf course.

Meredith making a snow angel

Mikayla making a snow angel

Dad through a snow ball right inMeredith's face - she was not happy

Mikayla trying to throw a snow ball at me

Miakyla and dad building a snow man!!
Check back later in the week - maybe I'll remember what happened in Febuary

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


We had the chance to go to Dollywood with our good friends, The Giles. I think we picked the coldest day of December - but we sill had fun. Addy - Meredith - Mikayla - Marlee


Mikayla and mom on the flying elephants

Meredith - Marlee - Mikayla waiting to ride the carosel

All the girls had a great time and even the grown ups too! Meredith and Mikayla rode every ride they were tall enough for and would have probably rode everything if they were bigger. You can see the picture below to see how the girls stayed warm!!

Santa and his Reindeer

One night before Christmas we had the chance to see Santa and one of his reindeer. The girls really enjoyed it.

Mikayla - Maleigha - Meredith - Evie -Santa

One of Santa's Reindeer


We came home from the day and all 3 girls ran in the house and stripped their skirt off before the mommies could even get in the door - so we HAD to take a picture

Parent Day at Dance

December 15 was parent night at dance class. We got go sit in on the girls class and see what they have been learning this year. It was a lot of fun to see the girls do all the dance steps - it was a little hard not to laugh at some parts though!! Miakyla doing her heel - toe - step in tap class
Mikayla-Maleigha - Meredith


Meredith doing her princess walk - head up and on your toes!!

Meredith and Mikayla in the proper ballet first position.

Christmas Programs

I am finally getting around to posting about the holidays. Here are a few pics from the girls Christmas programs. One at church and one at preschool. It's aLways fun to watch them sing - they love it!