Saturday, December 13, 2008


*Updated* It has been brought to my attention that I did not give enough recognition to the winners of guitar hero - so here's to the "Band Nerds" Jarred and Kristy who always came in 1st and 2nd - all those years marching finally paid off!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll take you two in a dance game anyday!!!!!!
Here are some pictures from Thanksgiving weekend. My sister and her family and my mom and dad all stayed at our house. After lunch at Grandma's house we had to play a game of guitar hero. Grandma also got a new puppy - so here's Meredith with Luke - she loves puppies!!

Kristy on the guitar

Jarred on the guitar

The kids playing while the parents play Wii

Mikayla lovin on Cason
Rock Star Justin

Poppy and the girls

"Mom, I need help with all the babies"

On any given day this is what I hear from Mikayla. She has decided that she needs to care for all her babies all the time. Here are a few pics of Mikayla and her "babies"
Here she is reading them a book
Here she is with her babies in a train - mikayla - baby sisa - baby kayla-baby kayla-paci baby-talking baby - (her names are so original)

Here is "mama" Mikayla asleep with all the babies.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Pilgrim Program

The week of Thanksgiving the girls school had a little program. The kids sang a few song and the parents stayed for a Pilgrim Picnic. The kids sang "If You're Thankful and You Know It" and the "Turkey Hokey Pokey" It was a lot of fun. Here they are with their friends.
McKenzie - Chloe - Meredith - Mikayla - November 2008
Thought I would include a picture of the four girls from the Thanksgiving program last year - my how they have grown.

Meredith - Chloe - McKenzie - Mikayla - November 2007

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Nana's House

A few weeks ago we went to Nana and Poppy's house. The girls of course had a blast playing with "baby" Cason. The girls think it's cool to watch TV in bed at Nanas. Mikayla told me she needed a TV in her room at home - like at Nana's. If the girls do something then Cason has to do it too - so here they are all 3 in bed watching a movie.

Baby Dolls

Here is a picture of the girls at McKenzie's birthday party. The theme was "Baby Doll" - each girl brought a baby doll - the girls has a lot of fun.
Top to bottom: Maleigha, Iylie, Abigail, Laci, Meredith, Mikayla, Chloe, Jay, McKenzie, Lydia

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

For Nana

This post is for Nana. Nana is always asking "What did the girls wear today?" "Have they worn that outfit yet?" I guess this is because Nana buys the girls most of their clothes. She loves to shop and really enjoys finding just the right outfit for the girls. She also likes finding a bargain, and she can find bargain like no one else can. I also like the fact that she buys for the girls. Here are a few pics of some outfits the girls wore recently. I have given up on getting a pic of the girls together - so we just have individuals.

Wild Animals

Today we spent a beautiful day at the zoo. We had so much fun. After any event or outing I love to ask the girls the question,"What was your favorite part of the day?" The answers always surprise me. Mikayla's favorite part was the pandas. She was confused about why the pandas were red and looked like a fox, they were red pandas not black and white ones. My best explanation was it's the same as her having brown hair and her friend having blond hair. Meredith's favorite part was the zebras and the goats in the petting area. That was her answer right now - earlier today her answer was the blowers in the bathrooms (she stood under them and let them blow her hair.) Enjoy our pictures of the zoo. How much fun can six 3yr. olds have together?? LOTS!!


Tara and Angela were so kind to ride the carousel with my girls - I can't ride things that go round and round - I watched the three little kids while they rode.

Meredith LOVES animals - she sat down while petting the goats and asked the zoo lady a million questions - she would've stayed there all day if she had her choice.

Miakyla usually doesn't even go in the petting area - today she went right in got her little brush and brushed all the goats.

The ostrich came real close to the fence and pecked at us - the kids thought that was really neat.

All the girls on the lion.

Monday, November 3, 2008


Meredith decided she was going to "paint" her fingernails by herself. This consisted of using a magic marker to paint her nails blue. She also picked out her own outfit. Everyday when we come home from anywhere Meredith runs in and changes clothes immediately. She can't stand to wear pants - she only likes skirts - so this was her outfit of choice for the day.


Here are a few pictures of the girls on Halloween. As you can see they were cheerleaders. Meredith really got into character - she practiced her cheers before going. We had a great night traveling around town to see everyone.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tacky Night

A few weeks ago at Cubbies the theme was "Tacky Night". Here is a pic of the girls in their tacky outfits. Mikayla had a great time picking out her outfit. She put a lot of thought into it. Meredith had her outfit on before she even knew it was tacky night - this is just everyday wear for her. I think M & M must get their since of style from me and Jarred - here's a pic of us at Beached Camp this summer.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Over Fall Break we had the chance to go to Thomaston, GA. This is where we used to live and where the girls were born. We stayed with our good friends C and K. It was great to catch up with them. K and I stayed up way too late each night tryign to get caught up on everything. The girls also enjoyed playing with L. Here are a few pics of the kids being silly.

One day we went to a bead store in town. You get to pick out your own beads and then make a necklace. The girls threaded all the beads themselves. It was a lot of fun.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Pumpkin Patch, Park, Picnic - All in one day!!! (now with pics)

Saturday we went to great Pumpkin Patch - Walden Farms in Smyrna. This is a great place to take kids. We fed the goats, petted pigs, played in a corn crib, went through a corn maze, went through a hay maze, climbed a hay mountain, swung on a tire swing, made a necklace, and picked out a pumpkin. The girls had a BLAST. This was our second year to go - I think we will make this an annual event. Here are just a few of the pics from the day.

The Family


Nana and Poppy with the kids

Mikayla in the Corn Maze

Meredith in the Corn Maze

Mikayla used this pulley system to feed the goats that were up high - she put food in a little cup and it pulled it up -this was great for her since she really doesn't care for animals
Meredith loving on the goats - she couldn't get enough of them, she let them eat right out of her hand and loved every minute of it!- we even had to go back to the goats at the end so should could give them a hug goodbye. Nana was in charge of pulling the train - choo choo

yes, this is a corn crib - it's kinda like a big sand box full of corn - the kids had a blast

Mikayla and Meredith

Mikayla on the tire swing
Meredith on a tire swing
Meredith and Mikayla jumping off Hay Mountain
Cason at the top of Hay Mountain - what kind of parent lets their 18 month old climb to the top all alone??? shame on his mommy and daddy

After the pumpkin patch we had a picnic at the park - everyone(including Nana) enjoyed the park