Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Wild Animals

Today we spent a beautiful day at the zoo. We had so much fun. After any event or outing I love to ask the girls the question,"What was your favorite part of the day?" The answers always surprise me. Mikayla's favorite part was the pandas. She was confused about why the pandas were red and looked like a fox, they were red pandas not black and white ones. My best explanation was it's the same as her having brown hair and her friend having blond hair. Meredith's favorite part was the zebras and the goats in the petting area. That was her answer right now - earlier today her answer was the blowers in the bathrooms (she stood under them and let them blow her hair.) Enjoy our pictures of the zoo. How much fun can six 3yr. olds have together?? LOTS!!


Tara and Angela were so kind to ride the carousel with my girls - I can't ride things that go round and round - I watched the three little kids while they rode.

Meredith LOVES animals - she sat down while petting the goats and asked the zoo lady a million questions - she would've stayed there all day if she had her choice.

Miakyla usually doesn't even go in the petting area - today she went right in got her little brush and brushed all the goats.

The ostrich came real close to the fence and pecked at us - the kids thought that was really neat.

All the girls on the lion.

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Angela said...

Beautiful entry! We had a great time too! It was perfect weather and ALL the kids were well behaved (yay for the moms!!) Let's do it again soon!!