Monday, April 28, 2008

Preschool Days

Just thought I'd get a few pictures of the girls before we went to preschool for the day. They had to pick some flowers for their teacher first. They both love preschool. Mikayla especially likes art class - she colors really well and tries to stay in the lines (a lot like her daddy) Meredith is really good with her numbers (like her mommy) In the 2yr.old class they study numbers each week. Meredith knows all of them. Hard to believe school is almost over and their 3rd birthday will be here soon.

The expressions on their face say it all - if you know them then you completely understand.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Mountains

Last Friday was a beautiful day so we packed a picnic and went to the mountains. the girls has a blast and it was a fun day spent toogether doing family time.

Do you think Mikayla was a little dramatic about the water? It was cold!!

Are you a Princess...Are those glass slippers??

On Saturday we went to see Danielle all dressed up for the prom. Meredith ran up to Danielle and asked her if she was a princess and if she was wearing glass slippers. I guess in the girls eyes "D" is a princess
Mikayla and "D"
Meredith and "D"

Guess Who ...found mommy's make-up?

Sunday, April 20, 2008

You're Killin' Me

Here's the converstion I had in the car the other day with Meredith
Mom: Meredith put your shoes on
Meredith: I did
Mom: No Meredith put them on the right feet
Meredith: I did - see
Mom: No Meredith change them and put your shoes on the right feet
Meredith: (sigh) you're killin' me mom

Wonder where she might have heard that before????

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Prom and Mommy's Helpers

About a week ago I was having a group of women from church over to the house.  I had everything laid out on the table in piles - pile of napkins,plates,cups.  The girls went in the dining room and decided they were going to "help" - so they set the table for 4 people. How nice of them to help.  Don't think they realized that they would not be eating at the table that night.
Last weekend was one of the high school's prom night.  Some of the youth from church invited me over so I could see them all dressed up.  Don't you think they look great.  The guys even wore their outfits to church the next day.


Picnic at the Park

Today is a beautiful day - sunny and the perfect temperature.  A friend called and asked us if we wanted to go the the park for a picnic - so of course we said yes.  After we ate the girls played on the "fings"(aka swings)  They had a blast.

Monday, April 7, 2008

The Toe

This actually happened the day before Easter but I am just now getting around to posting about it.  We were at a friend's birthday party and the girls were playing and Mikayla's big toe got caught under the door - it ripped her toenail loose but it did not come all the way off.  We have had to doctor it every night since.  She insists on a boo-daid (band-aid) and insists that her toe can not be covered up and it must also be propped up on her bear for her to sleep at night. Yes she really sleeps with all this stuff every night and yes Meredith is in the bed too.

Her toe nail has now come off and she is doing better - but she still won't let us us any cover on it.