Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Prom and Mommy's Helpers

About a week ago I was having a group of women from church over to the house.  I had everything laid out on the table in piles - pile of napkins,plates,cups.  The girls went in the dining room and decided they were going to "help" - so they set the table for 4 people. How nice of them to help.  Don't think they realized that they would not be eating at the table that night.
Last weekend was one of the high school's prom night.  Some of the youth from church invited me over so I could see them all dressed up.  Don't you think they look great.  The guys even wore their outfits to church the next day.


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* Ryan * said...

thanks for putting us on your blog; and yes I think they do look GREAT! especially the girls...