Tuesday, February 5, 2008

My Slippers, My Slippers

Each night my hubby and I read the girls a story and say our prayers and tuck the girls in bed.  Then each night before I go to bed I have to go in a check on them one last time and sneak one last goodnight kiss and make sure they are all covered up and snug.  Since they are wild sleepers I  usually have to move one of them back to the top of the bed.  Last night I went in their room and Meredith was talking in her sleep.  All I could make out was, "my slippers, my slippers"  wonder what she was dreaming about.  In case you didn't already know princesses don't wear shoes they wear slippers. Meredith reminds me of this on a daily basis.  
On another note - its warm here so the girls got to play on the porch with bubbles and sidewalk chalk.  The yard is too muddy.  They had a blast.

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