Friday, July 25, 2008


If I had to sum up this week in one word it would be - tired

Jarred has been in NYC since Saturday and he will finally be home tomorrow afternoon. I know the youth have had a tremendous time there and I know God has blessed their work there. But I sure will be glad to have my husband home again!! There are only two other peopple who have missed him more - Meredith and Mikayla. Mikayla is a daddy's girl and she has really struggled this week. We spent the weekend in Smyrna with nana and poppy - when we got home Mikayla thought her dad would be home - she was disappointed. Then later I told her I was going to take them to eat - anywhere they wanted. Without hesitation Miakyla said she wanted to eat in NEW YOUK CITY. The really sweet part is she has been sleeping with Jarred's baseball hat every night - she NEEDS her daddy back home soon.

When jarred is out of town I let the girls sleep with me(I think cause my mom let me and Kristy sleep with her when dad was out of town) I thought is would be a great idea on Tuesday night to watch a movie in bed and fall asleep(asleep being the key part) So I let the girls watch Annie for the first time. They loved it and ended up watching the whole thing. Well as I type it's Friday and we are watching Annie for the fifth time. They love it.
Today I did get a little break when Madison(my cousin) came over - she is a great babysitter - today the she taught the girls to play hopscotch.

funny story for the week - Meredith got a sticker stuck up in her nose - don't worry after a few blows it came out.

  • Stacey - if you read this, thanks for the comment and you NEED a blog

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