Tuesday, August 12, 2008

First Love

Meredith has been in love with Jason since she last summer when was 2 years old. She would ask for him and always want him to come to our house. She would also get real shy around him and then she would use her flirty face to flirt with him. Well at the end of last summer Jason went off to college(oh yeah, did I mention Jason is 19) Meredith was sad when he left but was always excited to see him when he was home on break. Well Jason was back again for the whole summer(he's Jarred's intern). Meredith has enjoyed him being back and always runs to Jason at church. We have watched him play softball all summer too.(Mikayla and I went to watch Jarred but Meredith went to see Jason) In a few weeks Jason will be leaving again for college - this time further away-so we will see him less often. I have not told Meredith yet - she will be really sad - She loves her Jason!!!

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Angela said...

That expression on Meredith's face is priceless!!