Monday, August 25, 2008

Weekend at Nana and Poppy's

The girls and I spent the weekend at Nana's house - Jarred went to a Chicago Cubs game(check his blog, I'm sure he'll write about it) We had a really good time- here are some pics from the weekend.
The girls and Cason helped Nana with the dishes - looks like Nana had her own assembly line going for her!! Yes, i am aware the my girls do not have on pants - I'm just glad they had on panties - don't judge until you've been there!
Cason's mommy must make him do chores at home!
Doers this picture even need an explaination????

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Anonymous said...

at least my child was fully dressed. i think your girls taught their cousin some not so nice things while they were here!! :)

aunt tiki