Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Birthday Weekend

Here are a few picture of the Birthday weekend - they are out of order but I least they are on here! This was a busy weekend. We started celebrating on Friday night and didn't stop until Monday night. Friday we went out for Jarred's Birthday then Sunday was the girls party then Monday we celebrated Jarred again(how come he got two days of celebrating???)
Wondering what thsi is a picture of?? The girls got some dolls that are almost as big as they are(not exaggeration) Here they are in bed - Meredith-Belle-Mikayla-Sleeping Beauty - talk about scarry when I went in their room to check on them and found the dolls staring back at me.
Here is Jarred and Mikayla enjoying Jarred's Birthday dessert - I think she likes chocolate - check out her arm!! Below Meredith and mommy pose for a picture.

Meredith and Mikayla driving their new Dora Jeep - they still have to have a little help from dad

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