Tuesday, May 20, 2008

First and Last Day of Preschool

Today was the last day of Preschool for this year. Here is a picture of the girls and Jarred on the first day of school back in August and then a picture of the girls today - It's amaazing to see how much they have grown since August. They have also learned alot this year. Their class has worked very hard on learning their numbers - how to count and how to recognize numbers when they see them. The girls have also learned lots of new songs this year. Both girls have been potty trained this year. Mikayla has really worked hard on her coloring skills - she tries her best to stay in the lines and really does a great job. We love preschool - we are looking froward to the summer but will be excited to return to preschool in the fall.
Mikayla-Jarred-Meredith - August 2007
McKenzie-Chloe-Meredith-Mikayla - May 2008
In November 2007 the preschool had a Thanksgiving program and the girls sang the "Turkey Song" - gobble-gobble-gobble
At the end of April preschool had a Tea Party for moms
Here is a picture from today - they sang 3 songs and did a great job

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Anonymous said...

Wow- thanks for posting the first day picture - I can't believe how much they have changed!!