Sunday, May 25, 2008


On Saturday we celebrated the girls birthday with their first "friend party" We had a combo party with Chloe who turned 3 on Friday. The girls has a lot of fun with their friends. Here are a few pics. Special thanks to the Landers for allowing 6 little girls to swim in their pool. Here is a picture of all the girls and their new towels. Angela and I made them for all the girls.


I think the girls enjoyed the cookie!! After a what seems like a week long birthday celebration - I am worn out!! No more parties until next year!!!!One advantage of having twins - just one birthday!!!
Funny story about the girls - on their actual birthday we had a family party so they knew they were turning 3. So then we I explained they were going to have another party they both said"I be 4 at my birthday" I tried to explain that it would be a long time until they turned 4 and that at the pool party they would still be 3 - they responded with, "I be 3 - AGAIN" Oh I think they are confused.

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Anonymous said...

What a fun time! Pool parties are great for colored icing.... what can't be wiped off ends up dissolving off in the water!!

Glad the weather cooperated for you!